Rakefile for Jekyll site management

Previously I’ve used a bunch of scripts for managing post creation and site compilation tasks, but recently I decided to move over to Rake. The whole Rakefile as-it-stands is in the repo, naturally, but here’s a couple of bits I’m finding useful. I have a default task set up that runs compass, jekyll, and git commits and git pushes the result. The compass and jekyll bits are simple sh steps, but the rest is a bit more involved.

Where to find packages for my software

If for some inexplicable reason anybody would like to check out any of my software in Ubuntu, just add my PPA: $ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ilkka/myppa There’s not much there but I’ll try to push releases there on a regular basis, to get a hang of the workflow if for nothing else. There’s also a snapshot ppa with, yes, snapshot versions, at ppa:ilkka/snapshot.

QML woes

I’ve been experimenting with Qt Components recently, even though they are very much in a pre-alpha state. I think that QML together with the excellent PySide bindings holds great promise as a crossplatform environment for mobile app development, even more so than Qt + QML, since there’s no need to set up toolchains for compilation and linking. I’m hoping to write many apps in this manner, implementing ideas that I’ve had banging around in my head for a while now.

Jekyll tag cloud

Having gotten archives working nicely, I decided to next tackle the task of creating a tag cloud for my blog. The Jekyll docs are, sadly, a bit ambiguous on how exactly to get at all the available categories, for example, but as with my archive plugin, I decided to go ahead and try out stuff until something workable emerged. With archive pages, all that needed to be done was to write a generator plugin to create more pages.

Hosting a Jekyll blog with extensions on GitHub

Note: Really there’s nothing about this article that is true any more. I’m now running Hugo. I’ve finally gone and done it, it seems, and started a blog that’s more focused than my previous attempts at Internet wordsmithery. No, wait, actually this blog is less focused, the previous one tried to be about my photography hobby. From the top, then: I’ve finally gone and… crud. Let’s not write one more of those posts.