Webpack + ES6 + CSS next Yeoman generator

I like ES6. I really like Webpack. I also quite like future CSS syntax. That’s why I wrote generator-webpack-es6-cssnext, a Yeoman generator for starting a project using all of them!

The generated project gets a very barebones toolchain powered by npm scripts: you can do

$ npm start

to start up webpack-dev-server for rapid development, and

$ npm run build

to just run webpack once.

The Webpack configuration uses a PostCSS based pipeline for loading and transforming CSS and adding them to the DOM. That means not writing style tags but instead doing e.g.


in JS code. The CSS is also checked against the Can I Use database.

All JS code not in node modules is transformed with Babel.

Hope you like it! If you find a bug, please file an issue or open a pull request.